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Curators of Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first class client experience.

Who We Are

We get it! Zoom Meetings. Peloton workouts. Slack messages for days! Countless hours of Netflix and HBO Max. Spotify and Apple Music streaming. Climate and lighting control. Smart everything. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Technology is integrated in every aspect of our lives and its' continuous evolution keeps us on our toes.

It's in our DNA. Quite simple - We. Love. Technology.

Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution. As an experienced home automation company, we also understand some projects need to be SIMPLE. Some of our Nashville clients need a clever, simple home automation or audio-video integration and we're happy to work on projects of all sizes and scales.

Our Mission

Our goal at Flicker Designs is to streamline and simplify your integrated technology needs. Turning on the lights or streaming audio shouldn't be a complicated task... it should be easy and consistent. We want our work to be transparent and reliable so your technology needs hums along silently.

We want to be involved. Being active lighting and production designers at our core, we understand everything needs to work together in harmony. From the front door to the detached garage to the pool house, we're engaged and are happy to offer solutions.

We also do out-of-the-ordinary projects! With our long experience in concert touring, tv award shows, and large-scale corporate events, we're a seasoned audio-video company that’s been involved in countless build-to-order ideas. Thinking of something crazy??? Let's work together!

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Let’s Connect

Use the form below to contact our team of technology professionals to learn more about our home automation services for Nashville-area homes and take the first step toward a sophisticated lifestyle made smarter. Don’t want to wait? Give us a call now.

Nashville, TN

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